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Problema caricamento immagini


  • Michela87 started the conversation

    Ho comprato il template Monalisa e funziona tutto tranne che per un piccolo particolare, quando vado a creare tramite il pannello IW Booking una stanza nuova non mi da la possibilità di inserire le immagini come galleria fotografica non funziona il pulsante add new images.

    È possibile sapere come mai e se c'è qualche aggiornamento da fare



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  • zefiro1 replied

    Hi we have the same problem,
    When we create the page of the rooms we can get the photos and we can put the content in different languages, but after the publication we can not change it, because the buttons don’t work.

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    Inwave replied

    Dear Michela87,

    Please submit private ticket for your problem. I will help you to solve them.

    Please send me your admin account and your ftp account. Don't send account in public mode.

    Thank you very much ! 

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    Inwave replied

    Dear zefiro1,

    Please submit new your own ticket. 

    Please send me your admin account and your ftp account.

    I will check and solve all your problems.

    Please submit ticket in private mode to protected account information.

    Don't send account in public mode.

    Thank you !