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  • evobersi started the conversation

    How do I change the logo here? 

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  • evobersi replied

    Can I please get an update?

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    EPSTWEB replied

    I seen your request.... To change both the header and to answer the other question you posted about your sticky logo is simple.

    In your WordPress Admin Area... Go to <APPEARANCE> then <THEME OPTIONS> then once the theme options section is open go to <HEADER OPTIONS> and you will see the ' Logo '  and ' Logo Sticky ' area to upload you desired logo. The stock logo dimensions, with this theme, is 180px  x  45px . (I am not sure if wish to deviate from this dimension, but it is possible).

    Very important 'other' note - from my observation. This is the Default Area for the theme. HOWEVER... you can override these settings on the Individual page as well. So make sure on your POST/PAGE you inspect the header settings on the right side panels to ensure the 'DEFAULT' is chosen and there are NO images (image links) in the 'Change Logo ' or 'Change Logo Sticky ' section of your pages. (see attachment - screenshot)

    I hope this helps out since I noted no reply from the author here. Good Luck with your work. This design is very nice and well put together. Make sure you let the author know your design address to show off you work. I plan on it with the Medical Clinic we are opening up in Florida.


    David McGuigan - EP System Technologies / CEO-OWNER (ceo@epstweb.com)

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    InwaveThemes replied

    Hi evobersi.

    you can see answer by Epstweb.

    Go to Appearance > Theme > Options > Header Options and upload your logo in  Logo and Logo Sticky

    Thank you Epstweb for your answer.

    Thank you evobersi for contacting us.

  • evobersi replied

    Thank you for the information.

    This worked except for on mobile devices you can see the logo is not appearing.

    How should. I proceed?

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    InwaveThemes replied

    Hi evobersi.

    I checked and see logo working in mobile devies.

    You can check it again.

    Thank you for contacting us.