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How to import


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    Alextuz started the conversation

    Hello there i just bought this template and i am really happy with it, but i cant find how to import locations etc using excel could you show me an already made excel and i will replace the information on it with mine a sample one if its possible.

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    InwaveThemes replied

    Thank you for your purchasing. You can use import/export tool to import your locations. Here is an example zip file:

    Attached files:  1484018662.zip

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    Alextuz replied

    Hello there thanks for the reply.

    i tried to upload the zip but i got an error.

    I attached in the ticket the excel file i did and a screenshot with the error.

    Help please

    Thanks in advance

    Attached files:  locations.xlsx

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    InwaveThemes replied

    If you want to use import/export tool, your hosting must enabled ZIP support. Please contact your hosting provider

    I also have corrected the excel file for you. The alias values must be unique

    Attached files:  locations.zip

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    Alextuz replied

    thanks a lot for the help you can close the ticket 


    Hello! How can I import the tours?


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    duongca replied

    Hello privateathelete,

    What your mean? Could you please create new ticket with your description about your problem?

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Best regards,
    Inwave Support Team