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Custom CSS for changing main menu style

If you want to change the color of the primary menu to a custom color instead of the set colors, you can try this custom css: (insert into Visual Composer Settings -> Custom CSS)

/** top menu link color */
.header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu li a{
color: #fff;

/** sub menu link color */
.header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu li .sub-menu li a{
color: #cacaca;
/** active, hover link color */
.header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu li.selected.active > a, .header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu li .sub-menu li:hover > a, .header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu li:hover a{
color: #009fd7;
/** sub menu background */
.header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu > li .sub-menu {
    background: #0f0f0f;

/** hover menu background */
.header .iw-main-menu .iw-nav-menu > li .sub-menu li:hover {
    background: #1b1b1b;