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How to insert order button links/ fetch the package details from WHCMS to pricing table

1. Use direct Template Order Button Link:

Go to product list page. Example:

Copy the Cart Link:

- Add a new page with Visual Composer editor -> Insert an element -> select Custom Tab -> choose Pricing Box shortcode

Configure your price box with "Direct Shopping Cart Link" you copied. Click save changes button to finish

2. Use direct WHMCS Order Button Link:

- Go to your WHMCS Admin -> Products/Services manager -> Edit one of your products/services -> Copy "Direct Shopping Cart Link"

Finally, configure your price box "purchase link" using this link (Similar to solution 2)

3. Use WHMPress shortcodes (If you installed WHMPress plugin):

- Edit your page with Visual Composer editor -> Insert an element -> select WHMPress tab -> choose Pricing Table shortcode