Noted: Other tips

#1/ -Is it possible to use Google Maps in a way that it\'s language will be presented in the same language of the website?

You can readmore document : 


You can go to file 

+ plugins\iwproperty\includes\front.class.php

line 206 

wp_register_script(\'google-maps\', \'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=\'.$google_api_key.\'&libraries=places\', array(\'jquery\'), $js_version, true);

+ plugins\inwave-common\inc\shortcode.class.php

line 96

wp_register_script(\'google-maps\', \'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=\'.$google_api.\'&libraries=places\', array(\'jquery\'), INWAVE_COMMON_VERSION, true);

and custom code like document 

<script src=\"https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY&language=ja®ion=JP\"></script>

#2/ i go setting > Property expiry setting > Featured Property Duration > 30 Days
and test "Make Featured" from my account create order and i go test on WP-admin > Change order to complete > and my properties show on "Featured Property"and top when search property.

You can install plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/cronjob-scheduler/

and check cronjob time in your site.


You can choose min time and setup it in your hosting. 

#3/ However I will want to know if we can fix the advanced search directly so that it is visible as soon as the user enters the site like this https://prnt.sc/kvbhi6. It will be easier and faster for the user who does not have time to click on the advanced search. 

Go to 

+ plugins\iwproperty\templates\parts\search-form.php remove text on line 64



#4/ How to  add the current property url to content email

you try add 

Property name: [_post_name]

URL link: [_post_url]

to Mail of Schedule a Tour/Appointment Schedule Contact Form


#5/ How to form Schedule A Tour send mail property  to agency , agent

add custom tag 


to Mail 


#6/ Way to customize slugs more?

You can try use 3rd party plugin 

Plugin Custom Post type permalinks

https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-permalinks/ https://prnt.sc/kbm6qa

#7/ How do I change the 3 colours on the pre-loader circle?

You can go to location file 

+ wp-content\themes\reality\style.css

and change color on line 791, 805, 819


#8/ IDX can\'t click popup 



add code to function.php

function remove_bb_bootstrap() {
add_action( \'wp_enqueue_scripts\',\'remove_bb_bootstrap\',1000);

#ihf-main-container .modal-dialog {
 left: 0% !important;
#ihf-main-container div.modal{
left: 0% !important;
top: 0% !important;