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Noted: Other tips

#1/ -Is it possible to use Google Maps in a way that it\'s language will be presented in the same language of the website?

You can readmore document :

You can go to file 

+ plugins\iwproperty\includes\front.class.php

line 206 

wp_register_script(\'google-maps\', \'\'.$google_api_key.\'&libraries=places\', array(\'jquery\'), $js_version, true);

+ plugins\inwave-common\inc\shortcode.class.php

line 96

wp_register_script(\'google-maps\', \'\'.$google_api.\'&libraries=places\', array(\'jquery\'), INWAVE_COMMON_VERSION, true);

and custom code like document 

<script src=\"®ion=JP\"></script>

#2/ i go setting > Property expiry setting > Featured Property Duration > 30 Days
and test "Make Featured" from my account create order and i go test on WP-admin > Change order to complete > and my properties show on "Featured Property"and top when search property.

You can install plugin

and check cronjob time in your site.

You can choose min time and setup it in your hosting. 

#3/ However I will want to know if we can fix the advanced search directly so that it is visible as soon as the user enters the site like this It will be easier and faster for the user who does not have time to click on the advanced search. 

Go to 

+ plugins\iwproperty\templates\parts\search-form.php remove text on line 64


#4/ How to  add the current property url to content email

you try add 

Property name: [_post_name]

URL link: [_post_url]

to Mail of Schedule a Tour/Appointment Schedule Contact Form

#5/ How to form Schedule A Tour send mail property  to agency , agent

add custom tag 


to Mail

#6/ Way to customize slugs more?

You can try use 3rd party plugin 

Plugin Custom Post type permalinks

#7/ How do I change the 3 colours on the pre-loader circle?

You can go to location file 

+ wp-content\themes\reality\style.css

and change color on line 791, 805, 819

#8/ IDX can\'t click popup

add code to function.php

function remove_bb_bootstrap() {
add_action( \'wp_enqueue_scripts\',\'remove_bb_bootstrap\',1000);

#ihf-main-container .modal-dialog {
 left: 0% !important;
#ihf-main-container div.modal{
left: 0% !important;
top: 0% !important;