Override Template in Plugin InJob

If you need customize template in our plugin InJob you can follow our guide:

You can go to child theme create new folder iwj 

Then you copy file you want to edit from "\plugins\iwjob\templates" to folder "wp-content\themes\injob-child\iwj" then edit on it.


When you want edit file \plugins\iwjob\templates\register.php

You need copy this file to folder wp-content\themes\injob-child\iwj\register.php and edit on this.

When you want edit file \plugins\iwjob\templates\parts\jobs.php

You need copy this file to folder wp-content\themes\injob-child\iwj\parts\jobs.php and edit on this.

Notice: Please just copy files you want to make change on it. Not copy all file.

Best regards,
Inwave Support Team